Snapshots of Lesvos: Where is the hope?

This is the garbage dump full of broken boats and fake, useless life vests used by people fleeing a life of war, pain, fear. Only to end up in another type of prison, the seemingly never-ending purgatory of nation states’ bureaucracy and NIMBYism. “Kings bow down to the bottom line.”
In the quaint fishing town of Skala Sikaminia. I believe the tiny specks in the distance are the lights of Turkey.  In any event, people would have been crossing that dark expanse of freezing cold water, sometimes in storm-like conditions, at night-time, just before dawn, whenever they could without detection. Crossing a pitch-black watery grave, just hoping someone will help you on the other side.
Turkey in the distance. Two worlds colliding.
“Go towards the light; you’ll be fine!” -vague instructions I imagine smugglers give frightened people in an overcrowded raft.
The first camp that many refugees saw when they got off the beaches where they landed. Welcoming lights, smiling faces, kind words. I hope they can remember that someone cares and loves them, even when they are left languishing in the camps with no answers.
So many volunteers from all over the world, coming to support the Greek community that has had their lives affected by all the new arrivals on their shores. If you are interested in volunteering for beach clean-up efforts in Lesvos, contact me.

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