Today’s shame

I am so sorry, Bana.
I am so sorry, Madjt.  Is your family still alive?  Have they been shot or gassed to death?  Are you still in Greece, waiting for a meeting that never seems to come?
I am so sorry.
I am ashamed.
I am ashamed.
I am ashamed.
I am ashamed the governments that can stop this madness are cowards.
I am sorry they don’t care about you.
Their lips say they care, but their hearts lie.
I am sorry my own government, past and present, which represents me, cannot or will not do anything to save you.
I am ashamed I cannot stop this.  I am sorry.  I have no right – we have no right – to beg for forgiveness from you, dear people of Aleppo…
Of Syria.
Of Iraq.
Of Rwanda.
Of Srebrenica.
Of Darfur.
I am so ashamed that in my short life my privilege and safety has cost you your lives.
I am so sad my Grandpa fought in a war, had to see so much death and bloodshed – for what?  Here we are again.  Still.  Always.
Please don’t tell me he killed and watched others be killed for freedom and democracy.  For whom?
Stop lying to me.  Stop lying to us.
I am so sorry, Bana.
You are never far from my mind, Madjt.
I weep with you now and always.

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