The Project (Or Filling the Internet with Random, Maybe Not Fully Parsed-Out Thoughts. Plus Cat Videos)

All right.  So now that 2016 is done (it’s about fucking time), I am looking at some projects to challenge me in general and help develop my writing skills more specifically. After this incredibly divisive and scary year in the world, I want to cultivate a space online (and hopefully spilling over into some real, live interactions over a good cup of coffee or a beer) where people can gather and listen to each other – and be listened to without being attacked.

“It matters what we believe.  Some beliefs are like walled gardens.  They encourage exclusiveness and the feeling of being especially privileged.  Other beliefs are expansive and lead the way into wider and deeper sympathies.”  

I want to help create a space of deeper and wider sympathies online.  Maybe a pipe dream in an online space, but I’d like to try.  Join me if you would like.

So each weekday, I will publish a blog post.   I am a closed captioner and CART writer, and I love to read voraciously, so I will never want for random topics to comment upon or work through.  There will be memes with perhaps a salty word or two in them, and not a small amount of cat videos.  There will also be posts that are raw and sad, because we live in a word of sadness and pain, and I will not pretend that I am not an emotional person.  There will be posts about hope and love and laughter.  Top ten lists, pictures of books I’m reading, review of books I’m reading or gave up reading  because the book was terrible, pictures of cats (did I mention that already?), pictures of my family, reflections on church, theology, philosophy, politics, sports, universalism, music, how much I love my Desigual jackets, my love of travel, and current obsession with the colour navy blue.  Oh, and interviews of amazing people I know!

I invite you along with me this year.  Comment or don’t comment.  If you choose to comment, great!  But please understand that I won’t tolerate violent or abusive rhetoric on my posts.  You will get one gentle reminder to reconsider your words.  Differing opinions are welcomed and encouraged.  I want to practice holding my own opinions and thoughts about the world more loosely this year, be more open to change.

If you want to post something on my blog, please let me know! 365 posts is a lot, and if I can fob a day or three off on someone else, I’m cool with that.

Happy New Year, beautiful souls!


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