First Top 10 (How many times can I do this?)

Top Ten Things I Hope For 2017:

  1. Gas stations will stop jacking up the prices on gas during the holidays.
  2. My yoga pant collection stays at the same size it is today. (4 pairs.  I live in the lap of luxury.)
  3. Cross-generational and cross-cultural love and respect keeps growing.
  4. A gym routine I can actually execute for three consecutive months.
  5. A multi-day camping trip on the West Coast where I don’t injure my ankle.
  6. People finally seeing nationalism for the toxin it is.
  7. For all federal Canadian politicians to stop saying “all Canadians think *blank*” or “all Canadians want *blank*” or any variation of “all Canadians” wanting or thinking anything the same.  You sound dumb.
  8. For people to be as upset about war as they are about abortion.
  9. For my favourite shoes to stop pinching my toes.
  10. For all of us to know that Love is freedom.
  11. BONUS!  To be a bit more pragmatic about my shoe choices.



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