Slapping a Fitbit angrily in a Parking Garage

I was nearly late (pretty much as bad as being late for me) this morning because I chose to enjoy my cup of coffee for six minutes in silence rather than gulp it down in a rush.  That, and combined with snow and OH MY GOSH SLOW DRIVERS WHO CREEP AROUND THE CORNERS IN PARKADES.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?  Can’t you SEE how much SPACE you have?  Can’t you SEE I’VE MADE A WRONG TIME MANAGEMENT DECISION AND AM NOW IN A !@&% HURRY?

Then my Fitbit inexplicably started buzzing on my wrist.  It does this.  It only erupts when I hit 10,000 steps (rare) or every couple weeks randomly around 9:15 AM.  I don’t know why.

So there I am yelling things like “WHHHHHHY” and other choice words at the driver in front of me who obviously HATES me, and then my Fitbit buzzes.  So I am using one hand to angrily slap my Fitbit on my wrist (this stops the buzzing), while that Fitbit-ed wrist is steering the car, while following this slow parkade driver’s vehicle reaaaaaallly closely.  I think that’s when I said a swear word or fourteen.

I hope you at least are smiling.

Happy Wednesday, folks.


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