A Couple of Naps

Above is a photo of my Grandpa and Grandma having a quick snooze together on what I think is an epic couch. I would guess this is a Sunday afternoon nap, post church and lunch, because it is the Sabbath after all, the day of rest. 

I came across this photo today doing some cleaning, and it made me smile. There’s something sweet and vulnerable – maybe mysterious? – about people sleeping together. A complete and utter state of trust and peace. Stillness. 

I was also reminded of my sweet David (also known as just “David” to the rest of you) and how strange and delightful and utterly disruptive love is. Disquieting and quieting all at once. I knew I had found the love of my life many years ago when I fell asleep next to him. I was safe with him. I didn’t know what a gift this was – and still is – to this day. The love that speaks in the stillness between two lovers can soothe the most frightened soul. 

Sleep well tonight, friends. May you sleep in deep peace and be stilled by the Love that envelops us all. 


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