“New” Voices (They’ve been around for a while)

In my job, I have the privilege of providing equal access to communication via closed captioning for various television programs across Canada.  I love my job.  I learn something new every day.

In the last several months, I have been exposed to some new journalistic sources that I, embarrassingly, had no idea existed until they ended up on my schedule one week.  APTN, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, is the newest news source that I am speaking about.  The stories shared on this platform through various different shows are actual in-depth reports and stories about First Nations’ lives across Canada.  They were the only Canadian news org at the Dakota Access Pipeline protests for more than a day or two, reporting consistently what was happening and letting people know what was needed and how they could get involved.

They are an example of how news orgs should be, in my opinion.

Being exposed to APTN and other First Nations’ voices this past year or so has really challenged my basic assumptions about the still occurring effects of residential schooling and colonialism and how my own paternalistic attitudes towards First Nations people are colouring my understanding (or lack of) of their stories.

I read a book (of course I did) a while back that suggested we need to look to other cultures who have lived in harmony with nature for hundreds of years for healing of our own culture’s brokenness.  I think the thing I’m trying to grapple with here is the idea of looking to First Nations people as leaders, requiring respect and autonomy (and a whole host of other things which I am not even remotely qualified to unpack in a late-night blog post), as people who will lead our Western culture out of some of the toxicity it has inflicted upon all of us through colonialism, unrestrained capitalism, and scarcity that drives violence. 

So.  I have some more reading to do.  And thinking.  Join me if you’d like.


Unsettling Canada: A National Wake-Up Call by Arthur Manuel

http://www.rmcomedy.com/ – Ryan McMahon.  Dig deep on his site.  Full of amazing writing and challenges for me, a settler/non-indigenous person.

http://wirelesshogan.blogspot.ca/ – Mark Charles is someone I stumbled across on Twitter one night.  Clicked on a blog post he wrote about the Doctrine of Discovery in America, and wow.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission reports and recommendations: http://www.trc.ca/websites/trcinstitution/index.php?p=905


One thought on ““New” Voices (They’ve been around for a while)

  1. Thanks for this Heidi. I’d also suggest adding ‘An Inconvenient Indian’ by Thomas King to your list. He’s one of my favorite authors but this was a great addition to my collection.

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