I marched in the Women’s March on Washington here in Vancouver on Saturday.  It was my first protest experience, and I was blown away by all the positive energy and sheer force of love and unity that was present at this march.  The energy of all these women marching together is FIERCE.  No wonder some find feminism so threatening.

I was also a little uneasy and very, very aware of my own privilege.  It was not lost on me that there were a lot of white faces in the crowd and that the police officers were there on bicycles doing crowd control in bike shorts.  Oh, hey, friendly officer, thanks for helping us protest!  Some may say that was a Canadian thing, but just imagine for a moment if 15,000+ First Nations sisters or Black sisters were there marching.  Yeah, put away your bicycle shorts.

There were great signs, reflecting the diversity of reason why people were marching. (I’ll share mine in more depth on tomorrow’s post.)  There were mamas with children, teenaged friends from schools, men with their partners, women on their own, women with friends, like I was.

It was a good first experience for me, but I am not sure that matters.  There wasn’t exactly a lot of space there for trans people (that I saw, anyway), and BLM Vancouver boycotted the event because they weren’t actually invited, which the organizers of this march dealt with by using a non-apology apology.  (You know, sorry if you were offended…).

On Saturday, I was reminded of women’s utter beauty and love for each other and the world in which we live.  I was forced to grapple with my own ignorance and privilege, and I finally understood why intersectional feminism is so important.  Thank you to those who did the hard and painful work before me – and continue to do so – so I could march on Saturday in such a peaceful way.

We still have work to do, friends.  Ladies, get in formation.


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