Because reasons.

But what are they?

Why did I choose to march in the Women’s March on Washington – Vancouver?

Well, there it is.  “Choose.”  The fact that I could show up at this march or not show up, and, really, my life would stay the same.  My level of wealth, access to things like healthcare services, and my expectations of safety would remain the same.  They aren’t threatened.  At least not yet.

Here’s the thing.  I thought I was going to the march to stand in solidarity with other women around the world – and I did, and it was amazing for me – but it turns out I needed to go the march to see how much my own life and choices can oppress and silence others’ stories.  To see how much work there still needs to be done, not only in my community and the world at large, but in my own self.  I don’t need to fight for many things I think we all take for granted (buses available for my appointments [see Highway of Tears], clean drinking water from a tap in my own home [see Grassy Narrows First Nation], an actual network of roads giving me access to my community and outside communities [see Shoal Lake 40 First Nation]).  This protest was a starting point for me: If this march is just an emotional, Instagram-able exercise for me, I’m not standing in true solidarity.  Not until I get involved in these issues in a meaningful way.  

Perhaps I needed the march more than it needed me.

If you are here February 14th, please consider going:



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