It’s only been a week.

Sigh.  So we’ve seen what’s going on south of the 49 this week.  Erasure of LGBTQ people, denial of photographs, facts, and scientific data; defunding of health care for women (Planned Parenthood is not just abortions; women’s health care and birth control are alsoprovided there.  I digress.)

I’d never thought I’d have to face Christofascism, outside of a study of Nazi Germany. Yet here we are.

And now the as-promised Muslim ban, along with delightful rhetoric like if you’re from a Muslim country, you have a “predispostion” to terrorism.  Thanks, Mr. US Press Secretary, for that tidbit of racist-as-fuck-ism.

I feel zero hope tonight, friends.  None.  It’s gone.  See, this is why I hurt so deeply when people call me bitch, negative, bitter, cynic, “libtard,” and other names like that: I live my life filled with hope.  So much hope.  I know this, because when hope disappears, it feels like death and blackness.

No inspiring words tonight, dear friends.  Tonight, I sit in the darkness.  But I’m not afraid.


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