Self-Care (Beyoncé. Duh.)

Yeah, I’ve been silent for a while. (But I ain’t sorry.)  Sickness, travel, insomnia… a little from column A, a little from column B have torpedoed my goal to blog each weekday.  But I’m back on the horse for now.

Part of the reason it was so hard to blog: I was so wiped out by the sheer sadness of what is going on in the world lately, and I didn’t just want to post the same sadness and passionate anger and exasperation for days on end.  I know there’s value to those feelings, but sometimes they are best kept to myself until I process them more fully.

So, yeah, self-care in this new world that we are living in.  Here are some things that have been helping me come around – back to my writing and laughter lately.

  1. Water and prune my house plants.  Get dirt under my fingernails.  Smell the mustiness of the water and soil mixing together.
  2. Strolling around in bookstores jammed floor to ceiling with undiscovered delights.
  3. Leisurely drink a perfectly-pressed cup of coffee.  That David made for me.
  4. This video of a fifth-division league winning a game against Premier League Burnley in the 89th minute.
  5. Beyoncé on repeat.  What else do you do when the world is on fire?
  6. Liturgists meditations on centering prayer.
  7. Reading Wendell Berry.
  8. Seeing people I’ve been friends with forever and not long enough.
  9. Making David belly laugh.
  10. Making a meal from fresh ingredients.
  11. Turning Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” up to 11.  (See what I did there?)

What are your self-care activities, friends?  I want to know!




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