It’s okay, ’cause altar call

No, it’s not.

The petition I posted on my Facebook wall earlier this week was not:

  1. calling for a well-known preacher’s ban from Canada;
  2. calling for his arrest for hate speech;
  3. calling for his non-attendance at an event as an observer; nor
  4. calling for him to be dehumanized for his opinions, as heartbreaking as some of them may be

It was, however:

  1. calling for people to realize (and specifically in this case, Franklin Graham) that freedom of speech is wonderful but IS NOT CONSEQUENCE FREE;
  2. calling for Franklin Graham to realize the deep hurt and pain his words cause to living, breathing people in already marginalized communities;
  3. calling for Franklin Graham to, again, realize freedom of speech is wonderful but NOT CONSEQUENCE FREE; and
  4. letting people know that his message is not a hopeful anything and is deeply compromised, given his continued, repeated marginalization of human beings (not to mention the consistent and vocal support of Donald Trump).

So your words matter, people.  Use them wisely.  And please, for the sake of my sanity, learn how freedom of speech works and other people’s freedom of speech to critique your bullshit ideas (phrasing here stolen from a political junkie friend).



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