Oh, my God, how can we fix this?

Jeanenne Fontaine was found shot in the back of the head, with her home on fire in Winnipeg, MB, last week.

Jeanenne’s mother, Lana, lost her niece Tina Fontaine to a brutal murder in 2014.  Tina was 15 years old.  Tina’s father and Lana’s brother Eugene was beaten to death in 2011.  Lana’s partner and Jeanenne’s father, Dennis Junior St. Paul, was shot dead by police in Norway House in 2005.  God help us.

I don’t have any words that could possibly comfort Lana.  All I can do is stand in solidarity with her.

Check out a GoFundMe page and consider donating a bit of money so Lana can get some household and personal items replaced after the fire destroyed her home.  I don’t know what monetary number could possibly alleviate the suffering and pain brought about by the repeated violence this family has endured.


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