What I’m into this week

Each Friday, check out my blog for what I have been reading, eating, liking, and laughing at in the past week. 

Fiasco Gelato! Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt.  David and I have eaten this three nights in a row.  Can’t stop.  Won’t stop.  Canadian-made in Calgary, Alberta.

Started a book club.  Reading and discussing and being challenged by Brian McLaren’s The Great Spiritual Migration.

Loving Hip Baby and their books and adorable clothes for kids.  Their store is located on West 4th here in Vancouver.   Spaceship baby leggings FTW for my soon-to-arrive niece!

This dive by MLB player Chris  Coghlan keeps making me laugh.  It’s quite the amazing feat, plus he didn’t land on his head or injure himself.

Crimetown podcast.

I listened to this album by Michael Gungor on repeat this week.  Gorgeous and haunting at times.

I picked up “We Are Not Such Things” book from the library New Arrivals shelf.  It was excellent, and I flew through it in less than a week.  520 pages of solid investigative journalism that also probes some deeper questions about reconciliation, racism, justice, and oppression.

Avocado on toasted rye bread, freshly squeezed lemon, and sriracha sauce.  For extra protein, throw on a fried egg.  So good.

#thingsonlyChristianwomenhear on Twitter and the ensuing fallout from an upset Christian Twitter.  Just search that hashtag on Twitter, and buckle up for some old-timey misogyny that sadly is still upheld in many churches across North America today.  Maybe not so old-timey after all.

Pistol & Burnes coffee, roasted in Burnaby, BC, has been making my mornings better this week.

Subscribed to Bitch Media to expand how I view the world.



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