How to Not Be Ignorant About White Nationalism: A Primer

So I am assuming anyone reading this has at least heard of the white nationalist/Nazi gathering in Charlottesville, VA, this past weekend, as well as the counterprotests and the murder of one of those counterprotestors when someone associated with the white nationalist rally drove his car into the crowd, striking and killing this woman.

Look.  I know I do not live in America, but Canada is not immune to hatred, racism, ethno-nationalism, and the like.  White supremacy, basically.  If you are interested in learning more about how white supremacy and fascist movements are affecting the United States and Canada, see below for places to start, especially the first two links.  (This is by no means an exhaustive or complete list.  Suggestions welcome.)

“The system of white supremacy does not care about your intentions, it does not care if you do or do not hold hatred for people of color in your heart—it only cares that you participate in the system.”


White person, know your own shit.

And next steps.


Documentary “13th” – prison industrial complex is modern-day slavery


Born a Crime, Trevor Noah

White Rage, Carol Anderson (I have this book if you want to borrow it.)

Anything by Indigenous* writers/artists in Canada because this shit’s already here in our own special Canadian way

(*Joseph Boyden is a NOPE)


The Liturgists – Black and White Racism in America

Politically Re-Active

Red Man Laughing

Unsettling Canada


PoC (people of colour for the uninitiated):

Shaun King – @ShaunKing

Bree Newsome – @BreeNewsome

Broderick Greer – @BroderickGreer

Reza Aslan – @rezaaslan

Prop – @prophiphop

Jessica R. Williams – @msjwilly

Audrey Assad – @audreyassad

Ryan McMahon –  @RMComedy

Traci Blackmon – @pastortraci

Rev. Dr. Barber – @RevDrBarber

Colin Kaepernick – @Kaepernick7

White men who are using their immense power and privilege like motherfucking champions:

Mike McHargue  – @mikemchargue

Brian McLaren – @brianmclaren

I would like to encourage my Christian community and others whose faith is important to them to pay attention to these issues.  Let us all repent of ethno-nationalism, white supremacy, and continued cultural erasure and colonization.  Picking apart the history that has led to this mess in Charlottesville requires a crash course in understanding racism in the United States, but this violent hatred is not unique to a certain time or place. Make no mistake: we are complicit in this churning sea of hatred.  Let us turn away from our love of power and listen to the oppressed, the vulnerable who are crying out – and dying – for dignity, for the right to thrive, and for mercy.

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time.  But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”


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